The Madness Behind MAX Week

So as you may have noticed, 181 gained some serious strength this month. Members lifted and pressed and squatted and maxed almost every lift, from a few pounds to over thirty pound PR shatters. And that was the plan all along.

Roland is the mastermind behind most of the group training programs, with some help and consultation from me. We based our programming on one of our favorite programs from a renowned strength coach, Jim Wendler, with a way to train strength every month. The program revolves around working with percentages to gradually progress your capacity to move those heavy loads, along with one week a month to deload and give your joints a rest.

But it wasn’t just the big lifts that needed to be done, there had to be more to help supplement the routine. These extra exercises, “auxiliary work,” are a combination of single-arm/single-leg, pulling, core, carries, and more to help build a strong body, too.

Pay attention to the next few months’ program and if you ever have questions of WHY we are doing a certain exercise, feel free to ask. We ask WHY each exercise is in the program because we want you to get strong, stay healthy and injury free, and get the most bang for your buck.

65 days to the next Max Week.

Until next time,

Andy and the 181 Family