Have you ever been sitting there eating a burrito and thought to yourself, “That’s it! I’m starting my diet and workouts on Monday!” But, for some reason nothing ever happens or you motivation fizzles out within a week or two of the start?

Roland spoke in his Facebook Video Post about “one day at a time”, now I want to talk about what helps you stay on track with that mindset. We tend to get caught up in the mindset of achieving a deadline goal, and although that is a good way to stay focused, it can become lost once that goal has been reached, or worse, not reached.

Instead create a timeless goal, or mission statement…SOMETHING that allows you to remind yourself daily about your choices. Remember 181’s banner and slogan on your t-shirts “a year from now you’ll wish you had started today.”

Progress is the goal, not perfection. All of my mentors, successful business owners, fitness gurus, and personal development icons out there will continue to preach and push this idea of a long-term goal, because it works! This timeless goal can be long term health, to live a long life, to be with and support your family, being able to do your daily routine without pain or, simply happiness.

Although creating this goal can seem straightforward and obvious, it takes real self-reflection on what you truly want out of not just your fitness goals, but your life. Because this goal is never ending, your smaller, deadline goals can easily fall in line with it. Goals such as focusing on weight loss, improving strength, or creating quality movement patterns to live pain free all feed into that long-term goal. This goal will also help keep a positive mindset and provide motivation for even the smallest decisions on a daily basis.

My personal experience setting goals as well as helping numerous people set goals (inside and outside of the gym) have shown light on my own areas to improve. It took me some time to truly realize how much I am in control of my life. From small decisions like leaving earlier to be on time, to prioritizing my time to prep food during a football Sunday, to creating to-do lists to help ease my mind to sleep at night; I am much more responsible for my actions than I thought.

What I hope you take away from this post is:

  • Establish your timeless goal, and write it down! Make it a “living document,” something you can always come back to and revise to keep you motivated
  • Take some time to self-reflect and observe where you can improve. This can be done with food journals, meditation, or even talking to a loved one. Don’t beat yourself up! This exercise is about positive improvement.
  • Celebrate the small victories. Progress is the main focus, not perfection. Making small decisions like not having that extra slice of pizza or glass of wine can make a difference, and might just feel more rewarding in the long run.
  • This mindset can be applied to all facets of life. As much as we love fitness, this can also be beneficial for your professional life or relationships with loved ones.

If you need any help with direction, you know where to find us: The Badass Factory. We might be young but we walk this walk as well as talk the talk, and we want to help you.

Get after it and enjoy the ride,

Andy & the 181 Family

My living document “Show gratitude for a happy life through love, respect, hard-work and fun”