181 Fitness is STOKED to be launching our first of many Bench and Brew Challenges. Each month 5 of our local Vista breweries will compete for the title of Beastliest Brewery. Each brewery will assemble a team of 5 bad asses to see who can increase their max bench press. The winning team will not only win their entry fee back in beer money to their team brewery, they will also get to bring home Beastliest Brewery Trophy and bragging rights to their home brewery for the next month. Our clients will also be getting in on the fun, seeing how much they increase their bench press maxes as well.

Cruise by the following breweries have a pint and see what you can do to participate!

  • Belching Beaver Brewery
  • Mother Earth Brew Co
  • Backstreet Brewery
  • Bear Roots Brewing Co
  • Prohibition Brewing Co

If your brewery is not on this list, let us know and we’ll reach out to them so they can get in on the fun with everybody else.

Cheers and let’s raise our beers to raising the bar!