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You’d like your eating plan to work for you – to get you the results that you want without lots of complicated steps. The good news is that lean eating does not mean complicated eating…it just means eating smart.

Read on for the NEW rules of lean eating that will make fat loss second nature. And don’t worry, lean eating can still be very delicious. In fact, you’ll find many of your new, lean meals to be better in flavor and more satisfying than your old, fattening eats.

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Do you suffer from food addiction?

Sure you’ve heard of drug addicts, but have you heard of food addicts. If you’re reading this article, perhaps something inside of you thought, “This might be written for me,” on account of the inappropriate feelings you have for the food channel. But if that’s what you were thinking, you have food addiction confused with foodphilia. LOL. Seriously though, drug addiction is characterized by things such as withdrawal symptoms – lack of drug use creates nasty physiological effects on the body, increased tolerance – you need more of the drug to get the same high, and things like dopamine deficiency – dopamine release is linked to rewarding feelings and it’s release is diminished in addicts. Well, guess what? These same things are seen in folks who are suspected as having food addiction.

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A day in the life of Eggo: Part 1

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Today began like most days – waking up at 4 am for Cody to feed me THE MOST AMAZING MEAL IN THE WORLD, raw meat. Then I went back to bed. Chase woke me up around 7 with his irritating crawling, I wish he would just leave me alone. Then I went outside to chase lizards. I just don’t understand why I can’t catch them. Cody says I’m too loud but that just because he’s jealous of my ninja skills. After all the lizard chasing I laid in the sun for a nap, and then enjoyed THE MOST AMAZING MEAL IN THE WORLD, raw meat. Then I went outside and chased lizards some more. Damn those lizards, they must have a 6th sense for ninjas. Cody came home, pet me, and we all went to bed.

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Just how permanent is weight loss really?

A while back I recall hearing about a study that showed that 1 year after having prepared for and competed in a body building competition, the participant’s hormones STILL didn’t return to normal. What does that mean? Well, there are hormones that motivate eating and not eating, fat burning and fat storage, muscle gain and muscle loss and they change during the weight loss process. The hormones of the bodybuilder being monitored still didn’t return back to it’s baseline a year after his show. Which means, the second go around could be more difficult than the first.

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Are you metabolically broken?

When most folks use the term metabolically damaged or broken they’re referring to the fact that they can’t lose weight any longer,  losing weight is just too hard, and/or weight gain is too easy. Most assume it’s because they’ve taken such poor care of their bodies or have tried to lose weight so many times that they’ve become broken and their metabolism just doesn’t work right any longer.

Now there are cases where folks have put their body through so much that weight loss may require peeing in a cup, having your blood drawn, and the help of a functional medicine doc. But in most cases, it just takes knowing a little more about your body and what happens during weight loss so you can adjust both your expectations and your plan of action.

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3 reasons women should eat chocolate while dieting

Everyone’s heard of the diet plan where you eat awesome 6 days of the week and then totally kill it the 7th day eating every sweet, salty, crunchy delicacy you can get your hands on.


While this diet plan has merits, I’ve also worked with enough folks to know that people can totally halve their progress with a single days worth of eating and drinking.

Still there are very good reasons why you should consider taking a “diet break” every so often.

1) Adherence – Most people hear dieting and think starvation and a punishing level of boring-ass exercise. No, dieting isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be a turb0-charged event that makes you miserable either.

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See! Even dieticians can’t get it right!

If you’ve done any nutrition coaching with me then you know that I’m not a huge fan of food logging by traditional means (i.e. calorie tracking). I’ve been doing the nutrition coaching thing since I first started as a trainer back in 2007. I started coaching nutrition by following general USDA guidelines for monitoring calories and macros (i.e. Carbs, fats, and proteins). At first it worked great, but then clients were struggling to get results. Some clients were reporting as little as 1000 calories and still not losing weight. SAY WHAT! How could this be?

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