3 tips for staying lean while on a vacation

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Here it comes, vacation time. You’re gearing up to do some serious nothing and eat some serious everything but you don’t want to totally derail yourself from your results. What to do?

It starts with asking yourself: are you person type A, or person type B?

 Person Type A) Exercise is part of your life – you love it and can’t live without it. In fact, you can’t picture vacation without exercising in some fashion (i.e. yoga, biking, hiking, etc).


Person Type B) Exercise is something you have a hard time doing consistently, and it’s definitely NOT something you’re planning your vacation around.

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Boob Jobs, Nose Jobs, and 181º Fitness

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shocked-t9n-faceDid I shock you with that title?

Rather than guess what filth might have entered you mind about how boob and nose jobs relate to 181º Fitness, let’s just clear the air right now and say that it has nothing to do with anything physical.

Why does someone see a plastic surgeon? Namely, self-improvement.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz was a cosmetic surgeon who is credited as a major innovator in the study of the self-image, but perhaps not in the way you think.

Dr. Maltz wrote a book called Psycho-Cybernetics in 1960 that was one of the first to discuss the how our own impressions of self (i.e. self-esteem, self confidence) influence our behavior and thus the quality of our lives. In fact motivational and self-help experts in personal development, including Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy have based their techniques on Dr. Maltz.

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World War Z’s lesson to us all

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I read an email a while back about how the movie World War Z was on to something when it came to critical thinking. This email described the concept of the 10th man – When nine people agree on something, it’s the tenth man’s responsibility to disagree no matter how improbable the idea. If you haven’t seen the movie I won’t ruin it for you, but the point is sometimes you’re best to go against the pull of the masses.

The reason I bring this up is because in the last couple of months I’ve become more acutely aware that in lack of a defined purpose we all have the tendency to assume the purpose by whatever shiny thingamajiggy jumps in front of us.

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Multi-Vitamin Deception?

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Vitamin man

Recently a paper was published with this title, “Enough Is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements” (1). A bold statement to say the least.

It’s pretty uncommon to hear an academic make bold and certain statements as Guallar and company did in the aforementioned paper. It’s like hearing a child use the F word or something. It just sounds wrong. So, this begs the question, “Are multi-vitamins useless?” Maybe.

Alan Aragon published a great review of this paper wherein he picked apart the research used to support Gullar and company’s claims. He found many holes in the supporting research that, in the end, still leaves one wondering about the value of multi-vitamins.

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The journey off Pizza Island

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It seems I’ve been talking a lot about the trip from Pizza Island to Athlete Avenue lately so I thought I might go into a bit more detail about the journey for everyone’s benefit.

Most of the folks I consult with about nutrition and lifestyle generally know what they should be doing. Hell, they can even drum up a realistic plan of action. So, logically, I ask them, “Well that sounds perfect, so what’s keeping you from doing it?”

At this point most launch into a long explanation about not having enough time for all the work involved, or how much they like pizza and beer, or how they like to cut loose and hang out with friends and being a monk when it comes to the more indulgent of foods doesn’t jive with their style.

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Bank more body composition bucks with less pain

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UnknownGoal setting is a well-proven and important skill to have. In fact Harvard is well-known for publishing statistics that showed the difference in money earned for those who didn’t set goals, those who had goals but didn’t write them down, and those who had goals AND wrote them down was staggering. Those who had goals made doubt twice as much as those who didn’t, and those who wrote their goals down made 10x’s the amount as those who didn’t.

Holy bananas, Batman!

So you might be thinking, “Does this apply to getting a sweet pair of abs too?” You bet it does! This is why we have been set on trying to get people to set goals for themselves in 2014, both in body composition and performance. The act of setting the goal and writing it done alone makes it more likely the goal will materialize than if you didn’t write it down at all.

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